Safe Untraceable Tracking without Cache Files

You're here because you want to be sure about receiving your parcel right? Read more below...

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Buying weed online involves a few swift and easy steps but the question is, "are those steps safe and secured enough for me?". With All-In-One WeedShop, the answer is Yes!

We've set in great efforts for our clients to do everything on our site securely and free from third party intruders. Shopping with us is like the act of breathing "free" air. With the help of our great programmers and computer gigs, we have set in concrete methods of tracking that is safe for our customers and hence no cache files can be traced back to our client when they track their deliveries here.

This is how it works.

Firstly, we have couriers VIP accounts with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, TNT and a few others, all registered with virtual addresses. *This is one of the reasons why we don't accept product returns for what so ever reason because returned deliveries will fail hence creating failed alerts and our virtual address will be discovered and blocked by the delivery company concerned. Kindly check our Terms & Conditions or FAQ for more details, or Contact Us if you need more clarifications.

Secondly, our software gigs have successfully integrated these VIP shipping accounts with a tracking plugin on our site which you can conveniently and securely track the status of your parcel. For this reason, all cache files created during tracking are engulfed in what our gigs refer to as the "Black Nerve". Meaning anything that goes in with a white color, comes out with a black color or does not comes out at all. They are either shredded by a complex algorithm in our system or rewritten with randomly shuffled characters which cannot be transmitted through any known system or program as of now. They describe it as the '2035 innovation'.

Lastly, We have insider agents that will let us know in case anything happens, and they will take precautions on our behalf. Everyone has a price!

So, for costumers to stay safe while buying weed online with us, make sure you do everything from start to finish on our site ONLY. Once your order has been processed and shipped, we will email you with an OTN (Order Tracking Number). You are therefore required to visit our tracking page to input your OTN in order to know the status of your delivery. Note that the tracking is automatically being synchronized between our courier account and our tracking plugin, that's why you will be able to view shipping progress of your delivery with the tracking code that will be/had been provided to you.

If your order was shipped via Courier-Xpress(CX), then you will be given direct tracking information to be used directly on This is because CX doesn't track cookies. 

In case you have any questions, we have at least 3 online sales agents always online and ready to chat with you.