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Yehman! fantastic, speed. I would do it again without doubt.

M.D Canada

I have just put in my first order through All-In-One WeedShop, they are by far the best! GO FOR IT!!! I will recommend

Nazar XXXX Russia

Fantastic service and delivery would highly recommend and will definitely be ordering again! Thanks


Thanks All-In-One WeedShop for the strains! My delivery finally came in, which was kinda unexpected based from the criticism I had about buying weed online. Unfortunately, I will say one thing I didn't like, perhaps got me scared. My VIP delivery was to take a maximum of 2 days but I received my strains on the 4th day. Wasn't quiet satisfied! I thought I was ripped!

Admin: Re: Dear valued costumer, first we apologized for the delay. You need to be aware that you ordered more than 500g of weed and we had to be careful in shipping your items. When our insider agents notifies us about any risk involved, we ask them to halt the delivery that is why we took longer than promised. We hope that you return to our store again and over-look our fault. Regards!

J.J. Re: Ahh, I see. I understand. By the way, the strains are dope! Will order about 1kg next month.

Sean XXXX Ireland

Very efficient and fast. I referred two of my friends last week and they all made an order on your shop. Do you guys offer referral bonuses?

"Agent Chloe" Re: Dear Sean, Thanks for the referrals. For now, we do not offer referral bonuses, but we do give out referral discounts. Make sure the people you refer, quote your email as their referee. In that way, you will have a 1% - 30% reduction discount automatically applied to that email which was cited by the clients you referred to us. Make sure to use that  same email on your next order. Note that for every 1 person you refer, you have 1% discount, 2 persons, 2%...30+ persons, 30%. Read more on our FAQ page.

Bash USA

These guys should be called "speedy all-in-one seed shop". Very fast delivery and discreet! 🙂

Admin Re: Lol 🙂 Thanks for the name suggestion. We hope to have you as our returning costumer soon. 🙂

Luest XXXX Canada

've been holdx back my testimony 4 almost 8 months now, cuz I rilli wanted to c if cops will pick a trail on me for dealing sh$t with u guys. I think i just got served and 4 the past 8 months since I ordered, no mo'f*cking po-po has knocked on my door to say shit! Thumbs up dude. page bookmarked for future orders.

Goldenburg XXXX Germany

Ehrfürchtige Erfahrung! Schnelle Lieferung! Wird auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen. Vielen Dank @ All-In-One WeedShop

Polski XXXX Poland

Horray! Loong await ground delivery. Took long but i receive with now. Jakość produktów doceniona. Dzięki Kupuję Weed online wkrótce.

Xiang XXXX China

请让您的网站支持多种语言。 这是不容易的,我下订单。 如果您的网站支持中文,我想成为一个返回的客户。No engish, ad chinese langwege plise!

Schneider XXXX Switzerland

Fast, Discrete and Efficient Service. I have never been disappointed with an order. However, I don't feel like a valued customer. I have made over 8 orders with you guys yet, I have never been on a discount 🙁

Christina XXXX Canada

Fast and discrete. Awesome!!!

Andre XXXX France

Enfin, ma livraison tant attendue est venu à travers. Je dois admettre qu'il était difficile pour moi de terminer un achat de votre magasin parce que votre site ne supporte pas la langue française

Ahmed XXXX Malaysia

Snap! Thanks for the delivery. 

Aytaç XXXX Turkey

Müthiş hizmetler. Başparmak havaya

Jan de Vries XXXX Netherlands

Finally I bookmarked a site. Thanks

Haughton XXXX United Kingdom

Second time ordering. Thanks again! 

Makeba XXXX South Africa

Straight up! I was buying with a lot of doubts. Just wanted to confirm if you guys are for real. Delivery came in time with the tracking results from your site. Hoping that no cache fill will be traced back to me. You guys rock. Thumbs up to your engineers.

Josef XXXX Germany

Ich war nicht ganz sicher, dass ich meine Stämme bekommen werde. Aber ich habe es getan. Ich werde meinen Freunden empfehlen, Unkraut online auf Ihrem Shop zu kaufen.

Haris XXXX South Korea

그것은 당신이에 회신할 수 있는 사이트를가지고 좋네요. 난 다시 숫자 없이 시간이 될 것입니다. 한 가지 좋은 차례 다른 가치가 있다.


Accidentally, I bumped into this site. my first question was... "Is this for real?(skeptical)". I got burned from another website, and right now, I still can't believe I finally got my strains in my palm from an online shop. Kudos Team #AIOWS 

Naeel XXXX Pakistan

Now, I have just one question ... "how did you bypass the security checks in Pakistan?" I will never stop wondering about that... thanks though. your strains are awesome.

Chong XXXX Japan


Tanya XXXX Russia

Получен! Но ты занял много времени перед отгрузкой. Но я испугался! но спасибо.