White Widow – 10 Grams

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THC Content – 20.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa – 13.5%
White Widow Highest Test – 20.0%
White Widow Average – 12.0%

Medical Use – Pain

Loss of Appetite

Effects – Euphoric

Cotton Mouth

Recommended Time of Use


Countries of Origin



Out of the countless marijuana strains that have been discovered, smoked and bred over the years, perhaps none is more legendary and famous than White Widow (60% Sativa) – a Dutch classic grown in the Netherlands and first released in the early 1990’s.
The original White Widow was created using a pure Sativa land race from Brazil and was pollinated by an Indica hybrid from southern India. It was believed, according to legend, that this hybrid was born from years of carefully selecting and breeding in the mountains of Kerala to produce a high THC/resin-content strain.
The White Widow plant can grow well over 1 meter in height and when grown properly the buds will be covered in bright crystals giving it an almost sugared appearance.
This strain has a very strong aroma. The smell of White Widow stems is deep, sweet & sour when rubbed between your fingers. You can expect a fresh and clean pine taste with a subtle, lingering and very pleasant citrus flavor after each hit. This strain is especially wonderful for anxiety users due to its instant calming effects. It can help with migraines, PMS symptoms as well as other chronic pain.
White Widow flowers for about 8 or 9 weeks and grows to a short height of only 60-80 centimeters. It is a very powerful and potent variety of cannabis and is top of the list on all Dutch coffee shop menus. Users can expect an incredible psychedelic high from this Sativa-dominant plant. White Widow offers a strong high that is both powerful and energetic, yet social and completely satisfying.

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Weight 10 g

2 reviews for White Widow – 10 Grams

  1. Branton *****

    Amazing pain reliever

  2. Curtis

    All I can say about White Widow is wow. And how could I not have found this bud sooner?! The effects are beyond amazing – perfectly balanced between body and mind – and always leave me completely pain and anxiety free. And that taste is to die for – if you’re a fan of the Sour Diesel family, you’ll love it. fantastic strain all around.

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