Blue Dream – 10 Grams

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THC Content – 21.7% Highest Test

Average Sativa -12.5%
Blue Dream Highest Test – 21.7%
Blue Dream Average – 13.0%

Medical Use – Pain

Loss of Appetite

Effects – Euphoric

Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth

Recommended Time of Use


Countries of Origin

United States


Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a spicy and skunky taste that carries a faint hint of blueberries and sweetness.
Producing a strong positive cerebral high that can make users feel very energetic, the strain also carries some mellow body effects from its Indica lineage. Although numbing and soothing, Blue Dream’s body high rarely results in couch-lock. Users often report that their creative juices are flowing more freely. The strain also carries traditional negative effects such as dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, and occasional paranoia.
Blue Dream, a good daytime strain, is most often used by patients seeking relief from chronic aches and pains. To a lesser degree, Blue Dream is prescribed for anxiety, stress, and depression related disorders due to the high-energy and upbeat nature of the high. A smaller subset of individuals use it to ease migraines. The plants produce fat unique-looking buds that are not as dense as they might appear. Blue Dream seeds are not readily available on the open market and should not be grown indoors.

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Weight 10 g

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  1. This batch could not get any better. I was buzzed all day but still wanting to get my big boy chores done without having to be carried. Highly (ha) recommend for any day time medicating.

  2. I combined this with OG Kush! It was #dope! I will recommend

  3. Can’t go wrong for the price. Awesome.

  4. I saw it, bought it, tried it… and now i confirm it. Go for it guys!!!.