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    Amazing pain reliever

  2. Wonderful smoke, great after taste. Exhaling it the smoke had a hint of a sweet taste. I experienced a happy high 😀

  3. One of the best for insomnia.

  4. Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent’s Tastings –Brand: 420 Natural USA Strain: Bubba Kush Indica — Potency Analysis: TTL 24. 24% THC 0. 398% CBD 0. 086% THCA 23. 11% — Harvested: 03/16/2015 Smoked: 06/14/2015 — Packaging: 5″x3.5″ 3mil opaque (windowed) plastic rip-top zip bag Cost: $15/gram — This Bubba Kush was so juicy and tasty. The clouds i blew I wanted to re-inhale because of the sweet, wide flavors of this indica. Holy shit it tasted good and before I knew it, my mind was wandering and doodling, dabbling and boobling all over the place. After the second bowl, All of my body felt great.

  5. Great tasting and aroma truly a great hybrid strain that causes great body and mind buzz.

  6. This strain will leVe you well medicated

  7. Strong, potent creeper that smells as nice as it looks. Gotta give it to the folks in the Emerald Triangle for creating this strain. It represents everything that Humboldt has stood for for decades; fat stanky nugs with a high that will make you want your mommy. This is one of my all-time favorite strains, I just wish more of the WA farms would do it justice…

  8. Definitely one of my favorite strains to get. It and Sour Diesel are both very common on the streets here in Connecticut, for 40/eighth, and this one never seems to disappoint.

  9. This Private Reserve sour d lives up to it’s name; literally dripping with tricombs as if it had been coated with sugar; I am blown away by the potency of this strain from the growers at this WeedShop!

  10. This batch could not get any better. I was buzzed all day but still wanting to get my big boy chores done without having to be carried. Highly (ha) recommend for any day time medicating.

  11. This was helpful! Thanks. I wonder why weed is not legalized in the whole of USA

  12. Please can you give me more information on how to order weed from your shop?

  13. F**K! I never thought I will say goodbye to my old sh*t. 707HB is the real deal. Can i have a discount for this sh*t?

  14. Blow! Damn right!!! Thumbs up!

  15. High as fuck! Will definitely recommend dude!

  16. It’s like i reached my elastic limit.

  17. I combined this with OG Kush! It was #dope! I will recommend

  18. Super high mood activated! Big relief… feels like having a BJ from a bitch#

  19. Ppromogiabenko on

    Finally my strains arrived. Awesome strain for creativity. I will definitely come back for 2oz.

    • We look forward to serving you again. Please refer to friends. #We Value privacy for all.

  20. Thanks for the info. I needed an analysis like this in order to know how to differentiate a thumb from a finger.

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  21. This is the real deal.☝️☝️Thanks for my sh*t. Will order again soon?

  22. Does leave a very nice lingering taste in the mouth in the creeper buzz is beautiful I really like this strain. thank you All-In-One and hello to all you fellow tokers from the West Coast. Thank you for all your support it really helps us on this end of the country to know what strains do what thanks again peace out fellow tokers.

  23. The discription is exact as to the product. Hits hard at first but wait 15 minutes and pain, and nausea are gone. Very economical too. 2 hits did it.

  24. All I can say about White Widow is wow. And how could I not have found this bud sooner?! The effects are beyond amazing – perfectly balanced between body and mind – and always leave me completely pain and anxiety free. And that taste is to die for – if you’re a fan of the Sour Diesel family, you’ll love it. fantastic strain all around.

  25. Fyrdragon544 on

    Excellent for chronic back pain and those sleepless nights. 3 hits and you’re pretty ripped and trust me couch lock will follow. Awesome !!!

  26. very relaxing, can definitely sleep with this. no ozone effects if you have a little too much, ahhhh.

  27. Can’t go wrong for the price!! Awesome

  28. Can’t go wrong for the price. Awesome.

  29. Thanks for the info. Great use

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  33. Great article. Where can i get these edibles? do you sell?

  34. Awww. The realiest shit i eva had.

  35. Effective alternative medicine. Satisfaction achieved

  36. Awww! Story of my life with this strain

  37. My all time favorite of all.

  38. Damn! This helped me 100% to deal with sleeplessness. Great strains. I will recommend its use for pain and insomnia.

  39. Amazing strain. My friend actually recomended this strain to me. I don’t regret tryx it. It relieves anxiety just like a snap of fingers

  40. Excellent indica. Definitely feels stronger than what the number says. Great smoke for a good body buzz and to relax

  41. Hell yeah. Smells wonderful

  42. I can’t say much except a four lettered word “Dope”!

  43. Amazine Strains! A must try

  44. What’s the next best word after “perfect”? high as f**K!

  45. Nice strains. Creates calmness

  46. I will change my name to Amnesia Haze. Lol. Amazing strains.

  47. “Come to me all who are thirsty, and I will refresh you.” The voice of Alaskan Thunder Fuck. LMAO. amsome!

  48. Great help with nauseating patients and patients suffering from insomnia.

  49. Blueberry Diesel is the next best alternative forgone.

  50. I saw it, bought it, tried it… and now i confirm it. Go for it guys!!!.

  51. I keep asking myself why my friends recommending this strains for me and i didn’t go for it earlier

  52. The sweet pungent aroma makes me wanna cum. soooo good.

  53. Seriously releases pain, depression and fatigue

  54. Superb. Extra strength. Guess what i did to my boy friend after we both smoked #3 and f*ucked! It was mad s*x.

  55. Great strains for pain relieving symptoms. This strain has really helped my mum. We prepared it as tea and let her drink.

  56. Stress relieving! good strains

  57. The lemon favor is amazing while getting high!

  58. It really helped me for the pain

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  63. I don’t think weed should be legal nation wide. Kids will abuse it!

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  65. A friend recommended this to me. I don’t regret being here!

  66. I’ll call when I need you again!

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    Is this for real. If so please show me the way

    • Kindly visit our shop page and add to cart what you need… once you have an order number, then we can further guide you on how to complete your order. Regards!

  68. thats deffinately OG just look at them heads! sexy stuff i had some awhile back that was like taking a valium

  69. nice im gonna try dinafems og now, I have grown there moby dick and I was very impressed. great strain, white widow x haze

  70. Are the hairs purple or green ?

  71. Best I ever had. kudos AIOWS

  72. I didn’t quiet know how to use this. Thanks to y’all. CDB has greatly helped me.

  73. I love it when I buy exactly what I wanted

  74. MTM rocks. Will be back for more

  75. My Best! But I felt like I didn’t receive the extra grams that you promised for a returning client.

  76. I loved the help you got going here. But I do think your price is a little expensive

  77. had an awesome relaxation and body high. Will recommend

  78. Easy to use. best for old people too.

  79. Ma seeds blossomed like crazy. I thinking of starting a farm

  80. Can you buy this with bitcoins??

  81. Can i get it delivered in India?!?

  82. Why is there no indica vapes? I’ve been checking your site for many weeks now.

  83. I received my order. Thanks

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    Do u deliever to bloomington indiana

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